I was born and raised in Arizona, a state filled with extremely heterogeneous landscapes ranging from stark deserts to spruce forests and at a young age, I became intimately acquainted with the diverse flora and fauna found within them.  It was these early experiences that fueled my passion to pursue a career in biology.

     Throughout my professional life, I have been involved in various projects that have either dealt with the care, research and/or conservation of wildlife.  I am driven by biodiversity and at the heart of all of my pursuits, I aspire to 1) gain an intimate knowledge of extant biodiversity, 2) understand the processes responsible for generating biodiversity and 3) gather knowledge of and implement strategies aimed to conserve this biodiversity.

     Thus far, these pursuits have taken me throughout the United States and to over thirteen countries, which has given me a greater understanding of and respect for cultural diversity in the process.
Background and Interests